Happy New Years//Eve IV

Let’s just say 2015 was not even close to my year. I had a lot of downs and I struggled. The bad definitely outweighed the good. However meeting the love of my life, succeeding in nursing school, and growing closer than I’ve ever been with my family are incredible feats that should be mentioned!! 2016 will be my year

How did your 2015 go?! What are some resolutions or just goals you would like to accomplish? 


19 thoughts on “Happy New Years//Eve IV

    1. Nursing school is amazing. I will be one hundred percent honest when I tell you it is NOT easy. It requires 100% dedication and commitment. I see my classmates more than I see my family, friends, and significant other. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though.

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  1. Wishing you all the success possible in this new year. Seeking goodness and keeping your eyes open for DAILY opportunities to enjoy life helps create a positive path to follow. This helps balance the typical stress all of us have to face.

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