Dating Websites what?!?!

These dating websites have got me like whatttt?!?!! lately…….
I don’t understand what is up with some of these guys. 


9 thoughts on “Dating Websites what?!?!

  1. Ah dating sites. I haven’t been on them myself but my best friend has. It is not hard for her to meet new people however it is difficult for them to trust new people . So she does do the dating site thing every now and then and she shows me some of the messages people come at her with. It’s more of a hey you are beautiful, can we hook up. It’s nice that they find her attractive and boosts her self esteem but that is not what she is there for. She wants to meet someone with quality, who she can be compatible with, and have something more meaningful. I feel like dating websites have all turned into tinder and grinder. It’s sad.


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