I’m in a relationship that’s actually working out. He is a great guy. I don’t know how to handle it. I am looking for problems because I feel like it’s going to fail because he is just so great and I don’t see what he sees in me.
What should I do? He had put up with a lot of back and forth already. I know it’s starting to agitate him but he is such a sweetheart about everything. 


20 thoughts on “HELLPPP!!!

  1. Relax ….and be natural…
    Its easy..if you both are in a relationship and feel happy together..you will be like this in future too….thats what the law of attraction say
    “You attract everything and everyone in your life by the thoughts you create…” So its all upto you….
    By the way….I am singleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Just trying to help

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  2. I am actually in the same situation as you. This man is amazing. Sometimes I feel like it so good to be true and that I’m gonna just lose him eventually or find out it was all a lie but truth is your just a lucky girl who found a good man. Just appreciate him and love him. Don’t worry about anything else and be grateful to have such a good man. They very hard to come by these days. I hope it all goes well for you

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  3. Please be kind to yourself…he likes you already, so there is no need to panic. Just be you, the real you. If it is meant to be it will happen naturally. If it feels forced then you know it won’t go anywhere. But as long as you are who you are and are true to yourself and this wonderful being, a friendship will build.
    And aren’t friendships great buiiding blocks for successful relationships? You better believe it. So don’t sabotage what could be fantastic!
    I took a gamble with being myself and pure honesty and I just celebrated 19 years of glorious marriage. It’s so possible and I’m proof!!!
    Good Luck!

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  4. I agree! Dont worry about the bad things and relax. Enjoy the moments you have with this guys and dont doubt yourself about this guy. If he is treating you great, let it be. Don’t let a great guy pay for a bad guy’s mistake.

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  5. That’s great that it’s working out!! It’s easy to think it will fail or when is a problem going to arise, but just try to enjoy each other’s company πŸ™‚ relationships have their ups and downs which is completely normal. Sometimes if we think too much or overthink, it’s possible to think something will not go right. The “what ifs.” Ba your lovely self and things will/can fall into place. You got this!!

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  6. I’ll go with the above-mentioned comments. it’s so good to hear that it’s working. you need not think so much about this. just be natural and let the things flow on their own. you don’t have to interfere in between. and who told you that you are not a special one.

    as no one knows what lies in the grave of future so it’s always better to live this very moment in its wholeness. nothing is permanent here. certainly, there would be some ups and downs and that is quite normal. so be normal and let the things follow their course.

    have a happy and lovely relationship πŸ™‚

    love and light ❀
    Vikram πŸ™‚

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  7. You really can’t help how previous experiences have made you skeptical however, don’t let it potentially sabotage something really good. I think you should try to give yourself a little more credit. A great guy is interested in you and thinks you are worth it. You should think that about yourself too. Be confident, happy, and just go with the flow. Enjoy all the good that is happening right now and just know that cares about you and appreciate that. :]


  8. OMG, I can totally relate! I thought I was the only one that does this… Just go with it. Try to be happy that you’ve found someone so wonderful. When you start feeling yourself getting weird, take a breather. Trust me, once its sabotaged, its never quite the same.

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